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Who Hires Me? 

People Who Expect Work Done Well.

You’re a startup. Lots of responsibilities. And, you don’t like to write.

That’s great because writing is what I do best, and what I love doing.

I’ll learn your business, research your competition, enhance your brand, and focus on your assets. Then I’ll get to work.

Your in-house writer is swamped.

Not a problem. Glad to help. From website updates to blogs, to sales presentations, press releases, and email campaigns, I’m on it. I learn fast.

I work fast. I can zoom over, or Zoom up.


You’re an agency. Your AE is on the road. You need creative briefs.

Not just done fast. But done well.

Creative briefs are like recipes. If any ingredients are wrong, you can ruin the dish. Your template or mine. And I’ll do them quickly.


The RFP came in from a great prospect. Who can handle it?

I got my start with long copy. Marketing plans. Research reports. Quarterly performance summaries. And new business proposals.

Crazy, I know, but I LOVE writing them!


You’re a freelance designer. Your team is stuck. You need fresh ideas.

Call me. I’ll deliver. On point, on target, and on strategy.

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