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My Process

My process is straightforward and transparent.  


Let’s get to know each other. Give me a call, tell me about your needs, and I’ll ask questions. If you like what you hear, I’ll send over a proposal. This will include a detailed list of my deliverables, a project quote, and a timeline. 


Getting started. Once you accept the proposal, we’ll agree on a project schedule, and if meetings are needed, we’ll get them scheduled too. We’ll discuss how I can receive or gather all the critical input I need to start work. 

What is critical input you ask?  



A thorough understanding of your brand, via my brand questionnaire.


Research, data, etc. What can you provide? Where should I search?


Comparative and competitive analysis. You tell me who, I’ll do the digging.


I want to know all I can about your target audience.

Past and present. Whatever you have, I want to see, read, touch, absorb.


I start writing! (This is the fun part.) Now that I’ve absorbed all the information provided and gathered, I get going. With smaller projects, I’ll do a first draft. With larger projects, I’ll start with an outline. This outline gives you a breakdown of the messages and ideas I will cover. Once the outline is approved, I’ll get rolling with your first draft. 

Feedback & Revisions. This is the step that brings the magic. Your feedback and input are critical to making each project a win for you. I’ll incorporate your input and then I’ll edit, polish, and shine up the final copy. You smile! I smile! All is well with the world.  


Added Value. Your deliverables will always include 2 rounds of revisions if needed.  Other deliverables can include supporting photo recommendations. As with all good collaborations, I’m available for any clarifications needed in order to get each assignment out the door.

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