• Sarah Albiston

2020 Vision

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

For years to come, 2020 will need no modifiers. Not “the year of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Or “the year of the Australian bushfire catastrophe.” Or, “the year of Me Too and Black Lives Matter”. All around the globe people will say “Remember 2020?” and eye-rolls & knowing glances will join the head shakes.

Unfathomable losses. Unending violence. Endless uncertainty.

It almost seems too much.

Objectively, 2020 has been a perfect storm. Chaos & craziness spinning fast. Wrapped in tinder, sprinkled with gasoline, and ignited by lightning.

We have three months left in 2020.

Let’s pause. Take a big deep breath. And just let it go.

Sure, the sun may not come out tomorrow, but eventually it will.

And no, things don’t always even out in the end. But, a pendulum swings both ways.

So maybe, just maybe, instead of shaking our heads, “2020” will make us look up.

Can we be thankful?

Can we be humble?

Can we be peaceful?

Can we love one another as well as ourselves?

Can we forgive?

Can we clean up, rebuild, and move on?

I think we can. I know we can.

After all, 2020 vision isn’t really perfect vision. It’s just as good as it gets if you’re human.

#2020 #peace

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